About Me

Have you ever been up to Quest University playing fields and or Gary Hendrickson all weather fields?   There is nothing like spending a sunny day watching my grandson play soccer and yours on these fields.  I have lived in Squamish for over 40 years and the thought that one day we would have a University campus here, had never crossed my mind but there it is and it has brought great benefits to our community.   How Squamish has grown and changed.
I have always believed in giving back to our local community, in particular our youth. I have been a member of the Squamish Breakfast Club for 9 years.  Our mission is to provide youth with financial assistance to further their careers. 
I would have to say my biggest passion is lacing up my skates and playing Ice Hockey which keeps me occupied over the winter.  Then as the ice thaws out my attention turns to landscaping and gardening where I spend as much time as my schedule will allow.
I bring to Real Estate a conscientious approach and a strong background in client service and care.  The cornerstones of my past success have always been respect, trust and long-term relationships with clients.


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